Stuart A. Sheer, D.D.S.

Before and After

All treatment performed by Dr. Stuart Sheer

Non-extraction therapy and crossbite correction.

Cosmetic Bonding
The upper left lateral is narrow and has been cosmetically bonded.

Anterior crossbite
Anterior crossbite correction using a retainer in the upper arch only (note the spontaneous improvement of the alignment and recession on the lower right central).

Correction of the upper front teeth which are behind the lower front teeth.

Open Bite
Early treatment with a habit appliance (no braces) to help an open bite (upper front teeth do not vertically cover the lower front teeth). A second phase is needed as there are 12 baby teeth remaining.

A dental and skeletal underbite corrected with orthodontics and orthognathic surgery.

Phase I
The upper molars are too far forward, and have been moved back (headgear at night). Note the improvement of the upper front teeth without the use of braces. This type of treatment makes the time in braces much easier and much shorter.

Lateral Open Bite
Lateral open bite correction, the teeth now contact properly when the patient bites down.

Supernumerary Teeth
Extra teeth are called supernumerary teeth. The upper two front teeth were the extra teeth that were removed, and the other teeth that appear to be blocked out were aligned. A second phase of treatment will be needed when more permanent teeth come in.

This patient did not like her smile, she was only 9 years old and getting teased. 6 months of early treatment to align the upper front teeth, and she was smiling again.

Open Bite and Overjet
A significant open bite and overjet is reduced by the use of a retainer alone. More treatment using braces will be used in the future, when more permanent teeth come in.